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Boss Babe 101

boss babe blog - Boss babe 101 How to build a firm foundation.

Are you a Boss Babe?  Then this is the post for you! I sat down with owner and designer of Truly Blessed Jewels, Lisa Valenzuela to get her top tips on how to run a successful business! Lisa has been making and operating her business for over 16 years now and knows what it takes to create a business from the bottom up!

Here are Lisa’s top four tips for all you boss babes out there! 


  1. How many ways can your product be sold?

When starting a business remember to have a backup plan. (AKA if the world shuts down and you can’t sell out of your shop, you need to be able to still sell your product.) Remember to ask yourself:

  • Can my product be shipped?

  • Is my product lucrative? 

  • Is my product wholesale ready?

  • Is my Website functioning properly?
  • Can it be redesigned?

“Never lay all your eggs in one basket. Make sure you have four different ways to sell your product whether it be wholesale, retail, redesign and online,” recommends Lisa.  

Key Tip *** Like a chef buying for his restaurant.  Menu is created by how many times they can use a product.  

  1. Decide whether your business is a side hustle or the main show.

If you want your business to succeed then you must prioritize. The more you work at it  the more likely you will succeed.  Side hustle mentality under cuts the market.  Main hustle allows you to grow!

Key*** Build a strong foundation and believe in yourself!

    3.  Know your worth! 

Remember that pricing should justify how much it takes you to research, branding, time it took to design the pieces, website, cost of bags, tags and all the energy you put into it. It takes time to make your art so price accurately.

Key*** The goal is to build a cash flow because we need to be prepared for the unknown viruses of life.

  1. Know your brand/audience. 

It takes time to brand yourself!  Branding is like memory to a customer.  They recognize who you are due to your consistency, color scheme and style.

  • How will you stand out?

  • Know your competition and do the opposite.

  • Focus on what you have and why customers come to you. 

  • Get out of your confront zone.

  • Keep your eyes on Inspo not becoming identical.  
  • Zone in on what works for you! Do not copy what works for others. Be your own self and take pride in your own creative work. It will pay off!

Key*** You don't want to go to prom having the same dress as her!!! Right??

Remember that people will come to you because of your originality.  Give your customers more than the product.  Give them a friendship!.  Stay true to your brand because your customers will be able to tell when you've shifted and doesn't look like it's from your hand!  

Stay true to you boo!




Kat & Lisa


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