I am a self-taught Jewelry designer and I have been designing for 16 years! It started off as a stress-reliever and quickly turned into an obsession! I found myself lost in my designs and saw an opportunity to pursue my passion in the jewelry industry.

Born and raised in "So Cal", my designs tend to take on a California Girl meets Bohemian Goddess! My inspiration comes from all of GOD'S beautiful creations that surround me daily! I thank HIM daily for the gift he has given me.  For the past 8 years,  it has been my Grown-Up Job! Yay!

When I'm ready to start designing, I never have a plan! LOL I put my hair up, put my music on loud and unleash all the sparkly components onto the dining room table with an excitement in my soul.  I stare around at all I have bought and it's like putting together a puzzle.  The pieces kinda speak to me and that's when the process truly starts to evolve!  I love working with Earthy and organic pieces.  We love Horn, Opal, Druzy, Quartz, Turquoise, Agate, Sharks Teeth, Gold and Feathers looking things, just to name a few!

My family has supported me through all my ups and downs.

They continue to show me how much they believe in me everyday by praying for me and reminding me to stay focused on MY work.  I hope my designs display the passion I have for my craft! All products are made in Gilbert, Az.  I feel Truly Blessed to get to share my dream with y'all! Thank you in advance for your business and social media support!
 Philippians 4:13
Company Mission

 We create edgy Effortless Bohemian Style jewelry!
We specialize in Edgy, Dainty everyday jewelry that can grow with your collection. We use 14k gold filled non-tarnish chains as well as high quality 24k gold plated unique chain. All our Gemstones are natural and not dyed! We hand selected our stones and locally make our product here in Venice, Ca. 

Our Mission is to satisfy our customers by creating pieces that can be easily layered, sleep in and play in. Quality product is important to us! We buy only from the best, so that your jewelry will last a very long time. We want our buyers to feel beautiful in our jewels and confident that they are Truly supporting Handcrafted and a Locally Made product!. We always design with Love in our Hearts and a Peaceful and Content mind!