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Jewelry Care

14K Solid Gold Jewelry

Solid Gold Jewelry is made entirely of gold, inside & out. It is the highest priced jewelry due to the purity of the gold. It is an investment piece that will retain its value over time. Solid Gold will not tarnish or fade over the years, requiring little maintenance. To clean the jewels, simply brush the jewelry with water and Dawn Dish Soap. Afterwards, dry the jewelry with a cleaning cloth or paper towel.

When it gets HOT or your ph levels change, you might notice a dark ring on your skin. This is totally normal. When chemicals touch the metal, it will sometimes react to its environment. Make-up, sweat, acidity, chlorine, perfume, and sunscreen contribute to the dark ring transfer. We can't control what you put into or on your body. It's simply science, having nothing to do with the quality of jewelry. It can easily be wiped off with a makeup cloth or alcohol wipe. This dark ring doesn't mean the chain is tarnishing. But instead tarnishing means the chain has turned a different color from its original state. We know this dark ring can be bothersome but it's an easy fix.

14K Gold-Filled Jewelry

Gold filled jewelry is made by chemically bonding layers of solid gold (14K) around a base metal. Unlike gold plated jewelry, gold filled jewelry actually has a measurable amount of gold in it. This process of bonding the solid gold makes for jewelry that does not tarnish, peel, chip or discolor. With proper care, gold filled jewelry can last for many years. Simply clean your jewelry every couple weeks with dawn soap & water to keep them sparkly and to extend the life of your jewels.

Gold filled jewelry is safe and hypoallergenic. Please be cautious if you have an allergy to brass as our gold filled jewelry still contains this metal and your skin may have a reaction.

Though our gold filled pieces are long lasting, we still do not recommend the jewelry coming in direct contact with lotions, oils, perfumes, or ocean/pool water. This can dull your pieces and reduce there shine. We recommend your jewelry be the last thing you put on when heading out. Clean your jewelry more frequently if you live a more active lifestyle.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Over time, as silver is exposed to air, a chemical reaction occurs that gives silver a black tarnish. Other things that can cause this are deodorant, perfume, makeup, or lotion.  

Your jewelry is not destroyed. It is very easy to clean silver jewelry at home to remove this tarnish and make sterling silver shine. When cleaning, simply use a silver jewelry cleaner with a soft cloth to buff off the tarnish, then rinse your jewelry in warm water and dry it.

Gold Plated Jewelry

Plated jewelry is made from a thin layer of gold over brass. We choose materials with the thickest & highest quality of plating wherever we can. Regardless, these pieces need to be cared for so they can last. Do not wear your gold plated jewelry in water. Avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, oils, and sweat. These chemicals will compromise the jewelry and dull your pieces which in turn reduces the shine.  

We recommend your jewelry be the last thing you put on when heading out. After removing your jewelry, run a clean dry cloth over each piece to remove the day. Do not use polish or soap on these pieces, as these chemicals can easily strip the plating. If you have a known allergy to brass, please be aware when purchasing gold or silver plated jewelry.

Cleaning your Jewelry

The pH of your skin may react to metal jewelry. Not getting enough water? In a humid environment?  Put a little extra lotion on? Even high-quality metal jewelry can sometimes leave a green tint when the metals react with the acidity of your skin. It can also be caused by other substances on your skin, such as lotion, oils, or perfumes. Luckily, this tint is completely harmless. An easy way to remove this is to apply rubbing alcohol or makeup remover to a cotton pad and gently wipe down the affected area on your skin.

If you have a known allergy to brass, please be aware when purchasing our gold-filled jewelry and gold-plated jewelry. While gold filled has an outer layer of 5-10% 14k gold over brass, it still contains brass as a base metal and skin highly sensitive to brass may be affected. For these customers, we recommend sterling silver, gold vermeil, or solid gold jewelry. All of our pieces are hypoallergenic.

Gold jewelry may slightly vary in color. This is because it’s a mixture of gold and other metals (called gold alloy). 24k solid gold is quite soft and can easily dent and scratch, making it less durable for everyday use. 14k gold is 14/24 or about 58% gold, and about 42% other metals - this is the most common gold selection due to its durability. The particular mixture of metals gives gold alloy its own hue and tone which can vary slightly.

Sterling Silver jewelry can be cleaned and polished at home. When cleaning, use a silver jewelry cleaner with a soft cloth to buff off the tarnish, then rinse your jewelry in warm water and dry it.

Do not submerge CZ stones in the water. If you expose your CZ jewelry to soap, lotions, oils, or perfume, it may start to lose its sparkle over time.

To clean your CZ jewelry start by using a small, soft brush and some lukewarm water with mild liquid soap. Gently scrub your CZ jewelry with the brush after dipping the brush into the soap and water mixture. Once you're done scrubbing, rinse the jewelry in warm water and then pat it dry using a microfiber or cotton cloth. To keep your CZ from getting cloudy, clean it every 30 days to keep its sparkle!

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