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TBJ Holiday Gift Guide for Homebodies

Attention all lovers of staying home, this guide is for YOU!! There's nothing better than staying in on a Saturday night to watch movies on the couch 🎬✨ To make sure that you have no FOMO, we have created this gift guide full of items to have the ultimate self care day! Leaving the house? NEVER herd of her 😉 

1. Robe

You can't have a cozy day at home without a fuzzy robe, right?! Our fav has to be the Barefoot Dreams robe! You feel like you're walking around with a blanket wrapped around you 😍

2. Slippers

Do we even have to explain this one? Slippers are a MUST have for cozy days at home! Keep your feet warm AND in style with a cute pair of slippers! Our fav slippers are from UGG because they come in SO many adorable colors! 

3. Bath Bomb

Treat yourself to a bath and make it fun with some bath bombs! Who says a night at home has to be boring?! Throw in a bath bomb, grab a book, turn on some soft music and you have yourself the ultimate chill night!

4. Candle

Can you even have a bath without lighting a candle? It just wouldn't be right! Choose your favorite scent to put you in the ultimate relaxed mood 😉 

6. Face Mask

And when you get out of the bath, keep the self care going with a face mask. From sheet masks to clay masks, pick your favorite and put it on! An while you wait, turn on your favorite Rom Com movie! Trust us, your skin and will thank you later 😉

8. Claw Clip

Keep your hair out of your face while you do your skincare with a claw clip! Not only are they better for your hair, but they are so trendy! These can be worn in and out of the house (but we prefer at home obvi)! Our fav clip has to be our Butterfly Hair Clip! Just look how cute it is 😍

9. Coffee Mug

Whether you start your day with a large cup of coffee or end the night with a cup of tea, a coffee mug is a MUST! Make this gift extra special and customize it with your loved one's initials or favorite quote!

And if this doesn't make you want to stay home, we don't know what will 😉 


Team TBJ

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