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2022 Fashion Trends

The predictions are in! Here are the years fashion trends that are blowing up! If you are a girl who loves all things y2k fashion, 2022 is going to be your year 😉 We have created a list of fashion trends that are on the rise and here to stay for the new year ✨

2022 Colors

If you are sucker for bright colors then get ready for 2022! This year we are brightening things up with some COLOR ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜  The biggest color trends for 2022 are soft lilac, canary yellow, electric blue, hot pink and scarlet red. This year is all about adding a little excitement to your wardrobe!

2022 Fashion Trends

1. Dopamine Dressing

More people are turning to fashion as a sense of joy and self expression. So say hello to bright colors, printed pants, and fun patterns! Dopamine dresses includes anything with cheerful, vibrant colors. It can also be clothing with texture and patterns. It truly is anything that makes you feel good!

2. Pearlcore

Pearl accents are a huge emerging trend for 2022! Pearl easily elevate any look 🦪 Whether its a pearl necklace, a pearl headband, or pearls on your blouse, these small accents transform your outfit to give you a new look. One of our favorite ways to wear pearls is layering it with other gold necklaces! This gives your layered stack a more classy look 😉

3. Arm warmers

We saw a little bit of this trend at the end of 2021 but arm warmers and detached sleeves are back in full swing for 2022! These are the perfect addition to your outfit if you're looking to spice things up a little and add an element of fun to your outfit! 

4. Low Rise Jeans

Okay now don't be nervous. Low rise jeans are coming back, but not in the way they were worn before! New fashion trends have girls wearing loose denim that sit loosely around the hips reveal more mid drift than your typical high rise pant. 

5. Bold Cutouts

2022 is the year for large cutouts. The more unexpected, the better! Cutouts are the perfect way to make an outfit more unique and different! Even the smallest cutout can make the biggest difference in your outfit so don't be afraid to brand out and try something new!

These are only a few of the latest fashion trends for 2022 ✨ We can't wait to see how you babes style your TBJ jewels with these new styles!


Team TBJ

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