To the one who is striving for confidence

You’re not alone. We think it is safe to say that for most of us, confidence is one of the number one things we strive to have in our everyday life. For some, this gift comes naturally, and for others (trust us, we understand), it can be somewhat difficult.

Getting to wake up every morning, ready to take on a new journey, is one of life’s greatest gifts and creating a routine for your morning can be exactly what you need! Whether it is with a killer workout, feeding your mind with a good book, or giving yourself a break with a meditation, do something intentional for yourself. The best relationship you can create is one with yourself. This list is a compilation of all of our favorites to battle life’s every day challenges, while finding confidence and awakening our inner love along the way!


A shower game changer

Our favorite local shampoo and conditioner, Dae, transforms the shower experience. A good hair day is a guaranteed confidence booster!



Up the style

With Spring bringing in new styles and brighter colors, the opportunity to dress up should always be taken! Confidence is all about feeling your best and letting that shine in all you do (and wear). If your style plays a role in how you feel, we have been drooling over these looks!





Make it shine!

Our favorite thing about jewelry is how personalized it is and its ability to transform any outfit, day, mood, etc.

Cher Necklace



Stella Hoops



Universal Evil Eye Bracelet



Your Zodiac Necklace



Axel Ring



Let the music move you!

The power of music is a thing! Put on your favorite girl power tune and dance your heart out!

  1. Levitating -Dua Lipa
  2. Man! I Feel Like A Woman -Shania Twain
  3. Juice -Lizzo
  4. Don’t Cha -Pussycat Dolls
  5. Positions -Ariana Grande


Remember who you are

It’s a hot topic right now, but mental health is the center of your being. In order to shine for others, you must always remember the impact that you have on yourself. Confidence radiates from true inner being and taking care of yourself will always be the starting foundation. Surround yourself with people who love and support you; ones who make it easy to be and feel confident. The goal is to be confident and at peace with yourself, with your relationships, with your goals, and your ability to keep going when things get hard. Confidence may be shown in how you present yourself, but having the power to understand where that confidence comes from is what makes the biggest difference!


Support one another, love one another, grow with one another!



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