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How to Layer Like Gold Chains

How to Layer Like Gold Chains

Here at TBJ we always get asked how to layer necklaces. And since we are professional jewelry stylists, and connoisseurs we are here to give you the inside scoop on how to properly layer your jewels. 

  1. Start with a choker!

The choker you pick should be simple. If your other necklaces have a charm make sure to stay away from a choker with a charm. The Tulum choker is one of our best sellers and perfect for layering with any and all of your other necklaces.

  1. Add different textures!

The next chains you have should all be different textures. This helps the necklaces to not tangle and stay in their layer. The Angel necklace chain is thin and strong, perfect to add to your layered look. We are also obsessed with the angel charm!

  1. Don’t be afraid of different shades of gold.

Not all golds are created equal. Some are more yellow than others but don’t feel like all of the chains need to be the same color to match. Golds look great all together and add more spice to your layered look. The Adrian necklace is the perfect shade of gold to go with your other jewels. It has a nice antique, super lux look that will surely make you feel like a celeb.

  1. Pay attention to length sizes of chains.

Here at TBJ we have different length chains for all of our necklaces. Pay attention to the length size before you buy something so you know where and how it will lay on your neck. We love the Abigail necklace for layering as the longest piece! Besides laying long, it also has a great gold color and texture to it, making it the perfect layering piece.

  1. The most important tip is to remember to have fun. Pick jewels you love that express your personal style and learn that practice makes perfect. You’ll be a pro in no time! 

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