How to Feel Like a Beauty Queen While Sitting in your Living Room.

How to Feel Like a Beauty Queen While Sitting in your Living Room.


So there you are sitting on your couch, scrolling through Instagram, looking at celebrities quarantining in their mansion while you're stuck in your small four by four of an apartment eating the last of your stockpiled Cheetos and starting to feel, for lack of a better term, icky. 


Well honey, it’s time to stand up, brush those crumbs off your lap and get started with your Quarantine makeover without leaving your house (because you can’t), so here are five things you can do to feel your most fabulous self starting right now.


  1. Perfect that skincare routine of yours! 

We all know you went on a skincare shopping binge one night and then proceeded to hide it in the back of your medicine cabinet! Well now is your time to cleanse, tone, add serum, eye cream, moisturize and apply sunscreen; in that order. Learn what your skin likes and doesn’t like! And remember less is always more when it comes to your perfect routine. We recommend the Glossier skincare set for everything you need to start having the best skin of your life.


  1. Replace your pajamas with a cute sweat set.

Have you been wearing the same pajamas for weeks? Personally, I am guilty of being a pajama repeater but now is the time to put the Victoria Secret’s away and put on a cute sweat set! Everywhere you look someone is posting about their ultra cute brand new, tie dye set so find one that matches your vibe and go to town with it! Everyone knows you look better when you have a matching set on! This Nasty Gal lounge set is so lux and makes you feel like a princess on vacation. Is there anything better? No.


  1. Rapunzel is that you?

As a Disney Princess connoisseur, I have always envied the long lustrous hair of Rapunzel and Ariel to name a few. These Disney girls have never had a bad hair day in their life, let alone they don’t know what a split-end is. Well there's no time like the present to start giving your hair the love it needs with a hair mask! We love the Sephora Hair Sleeping Mask because you can put it on at night and then after you shower in the morning your hair becomes fabulous! (Plus they come in great colors like rose and coconut!)


  1. Throw on some jewels and call it a day.

Personally, if I don’t have jewelry on I feel naked and afraid. So I like to wear comfortable pieces that I can take naps in and wear in the shower! TBJ just came out with some great studs to wear that you actually never have to take off, making life as easy as pie.


  1. Have a five course meal in the comfort of your home 


Okay so it’s no secret we can no longer go to restaurants and flirt with the waiters so why not bring the restaurant to you. Set up a candle light dinner for yourself, pour a glass of Voss water, order from your nearest Chinese takeout and have the most wonderful night of your life. Did you have an upcoming event that you bought a special dress to wear for but it got canceled like everything else? That’s okay, wear it for dinner! (Maybe even put on a crown!)  And there you have it, you go from Mia Thermopolis to Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renald,  Princess of Genovia, (or at least princess of your couch.)

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