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Makin' It Happen -Silvia

Makin' It Happen

Here at Truly Blessed Jewels we love working with other strong boss babes like ourselves; so without further ado we would like to introduce you to new up and coming blogger Silvia Richards. Twenty-one year old, Richards is a current student at Arizona State University, majoring in communications.

During the quarantine in the month of March Silvia decided to start her own blog as a way to reach out to other young women on advice and sisterhood. Richards is the oldest of four sisters and was very much inspired by them to start her blog. She says she hopes to inspire young girls and give them the big sisterly advice that we all need once in a while.

Silvia’s blog will focus on fashion, travel, beauty and wellness! Along with blog posts, Sylvia offers newsletter updates once a week to update her subscribers on her life, skin care journey and more. Silvia is a huge advocate for self help and working to improve yourself from the inside out. The blog post will also be a personal journal for her to show her path and let the reader grow with her.

“I want to be the sister next door who you can fall to when you need help,” says Sylvia.

She hopes to officially launch her blog, by mid July.  Thank you for always supporting TBJ.  

Best of Luck Babe!  






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