Zoom  Truly Blessed Jewels - Protector Necklace
Zoom  Truly Blessed Jewels - Protector Necklace
Zoom  Truly Blessed Jewels - Protector Necklace

Protector Necklace


The Protector Necklace is Eye-catching and completely one-of-a-kind. Protect your spirit & soul with it's vintage inspired chain and St. Benedict Coin charm pendant. Handmade Gold Filled Jewelry that means you can wear this everyday and not have to stress about it tarnishing. Layer your look, personalize your Jewelry and customize to your story. 



  • 18k gold filled Vintage Inspired Chain 
  • 18k gold filled pendant 20mm St. Benedict Coin charm 
  • Add 2" inches long https://trulyblessedjewels.com/collections/new-jewelry-new-arrivals-collection/products/tbj-extender
  • Made in US

Gold Filled Difference

Our Gold Filled Jewelry is made to last forever. 14k gold will not oxidize or discolor, so you can wear your jewelry every day, everywhere.

How to Care for Your Jewels

Keep away from water, lotion, chlorine and sweat.

Remove your jewelry to ensure the longevity and to keep it from getting dull.

Clean your jewels every 30 days with Dawn soap and water to keep from losing its shine. 

We Stand by You & Our Jewels 

 If you have any issues with a piece you have purchased, we will replace it or fix it for you within 90 days of purchase. Please Email our customer service department at  hello@trulyblessedjewels.com. 



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Tangled Chain

I was so excited when this protector necklace was finally back in stock. Once received, I of course wore it straight away. The only downside to this item is the chain. I guess due to the design, the links get tangled quite often to the point where I’m very aware of it so I’m always making sure I untangle the areas that get stuck. It becomes annoying but that is the only downside to this piece.