Effortless Summer Hair Guide

Effortless Summer Hair Guide

Summer is officially here and with that so is the heat! But just because it’s hot out, doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our hair; so here are TBJ’s favorite summer hair products for an effortless look.

VISORS are seriously all the rage. They keep your face from being sunburned (Hello, no more premature aging!) and really complete your outfit. They are a little more dressed up than your usual baseball cap and are perfect to take out to the beach or the pool!

THROW on a bucket hat! Bucket hats have taken over the runways and our hearts this season and we are begging them to stay! This 90’s look has totally been re-done to a more sophisticated look that goes great with a white t-shirt or just a simple summer dress. Dress it up or down, either way you’ll be the talk of the town. (We personally recommend going for a cheetah one because... MEOW!)

Update your braid by tying a scarf around! Silk scarves are the best way to accessorize and are very versatile. The bigger the braid the better and wrapping a scarf around really brings the whole look together!

Add hair clips. Here at TBJ we love finding ways to incorporate our jewels into our daily lifestyle! Our new hair pins do just that! Wear your hair loose and clip your hair to the side or put it into your braid to give your braid a little makeover.

This weekend we will be giving away our newest pins with any braid or blowout! Braids and blowouts will be $20. Make your appointment today by DM-ing TBJ! If you can’t make it to the event but would still like to purchase a pin, DM us and we will send one right out to you! We can’t wait to see you there!



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